Automatic CI Process Creation


For applications built from the source code of Github, Gitlab, Gogs, and Gitee repositories, Kato provides automatic deployment based on WEBHOOKS.

Practice Scenario

The Kato official document system is deployed in our public cloud environment. Now take this scenario as an example to demonstrate how to realize the automatic deployment of source code.

Project source code address: kato-docs

Operation Configuration Method

  1. Create components based on source code, refer to the document Create components from source code
  2. Enter component management-build source management-open Git-Webhook function, you can get the hook address. Reference document Component automatic build settings
  3. Go to Github or other Git server to configure Webhooks.

It is worth noting:

Content type option must select application/json

Trigger Method

After the webhook configuration is complete, submit the code again. When the Commmit information contains “@deploy”, the application will automatically be deployed automatically

Trigger Test

Submit Information


This document can be launched without any other operations after submitting the code, which is the result of triggering automatic deployment.