Service Definition

Service definition

Kato service component as a service, all services running on Kato, the component Kato defaults to operation, maintenance and governance according to a service-oriented management method.

How to understand this sentence? We interpret from the following aspects:

  1. At the beginning of understanding the microservice architecture, we always consider how to split or plan for service. This process is very complicated, which makes it difficult to implement microservices. Let’s think about why we can’t directly define an existing business as a service and integrate it into the microservice architecture, so that we can start the development of new services or the gradual separation of old services, and proceed step by step
  2. Database middleware is also a service. In the microservice architecture, we generally recommend that each business service has its own database. Of course, the database can also be shared. The database under cloud native is also a service, which can be independently maintained and upgraded. Some cloud databases also require communication management and load balancing.
  3. Heterogeneous microservice architectures are all services in Kato. For example, a microservice architecture that has been developed using Spring Cloud. After being deployed to Kato, Kato uniformly manages the communication between all components of Spring Cloud. For a single SpringCloud architecture, it does not maintain communications such as business and configuration center, business and database.