Kato FAQs

What Does Gridworkz Do and When Was It Established?

Gridworkz is a cloud computing service provider dedicated to the construction of enterprise digital transformation. Through Kato PaaS products and services, we can accelerate the rapid delivery of digital services, empower enterprise IT resources, let the cloud enter the enterprise, and help enterprises gain future-oriented competition Power and innovation.

Since its establishment in 2015, Gridworkz products and services have been driven by user business and best technology, and have been experienced and used by tens of thousands of users, including more than 100 large and medium-sized users in the government, energy, finance, and education industries. In December 2017, Gridworkz released the Kato source code, and Kato became the first open source serverless PaaS in Canada, which is favored by the majority of technology enthusiasts and the open source community. Enterprise official website

What is Kato?

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Difference with IaaS

Kato is a cloud-native PaaS platform in the cloud computing field, which supports privatized deployment in any cluster environment, including physical machines, virtual machines, cloud servers, etc. At the same time, Gridworkz Cloud Services provides Kato+Alibaba Cloud IaaS (US West + US East) public cloud services in order to facilitate technology enthusiasts to quickly experience Kato products, allowing you to experience a development, operation and maintenance experience that is different from that of direct IaaS.

Difference and Advantage Comparison with Rancher KubeSphere

Rancher and KubeSphere are mainly abstract management platforms at the container level, which can be understood as the ui interface of container management. Users are required to have strong control over container technology, and perform development, operation and maintenance operations at the container level.

Kato is an application-level abstract management platform. It is application-centric. Users do not need to learn container technology to enjoy the value brought by container technology! If you need to perform container-level operations, Kato also provides a web shell format to meet your needs.

What does Kato have to do with Docker and K8s?

Kato uses container technology (Docker+K8s) at the bottom layer, V3.7.2 and previous versions, using custom-modified K8s and Docker to help users avoid pits and avoid re-inventing the wheel. V5.0 and later versions support the community version of K8s and Docker, helping users to better transition to using Kato as the DevOps platform for the entire application lifecycle.

Is Kato Open Source?

Kato was open sourced on December 12, 2017, follow us:

Product official website > Github

Are all Functions Open Source?

Kato is a serverless Paas platform with application as the core. The application is the core abstraction used by the platform. We open source all the functions of the application management background.

What are the Limitations of Using Open Source?

The use of open source Kato requires MIT License.

What Requirements does Kato have for Users?

Understanding containerization knowledge and best practices will help users use it.

How does Using Kato Effect my Development Habits and What Changes Should I Make?

We hope that developers are willing to learn new technologies and understand the changes and value that Kato brings. Kato’s non-intrusive architecture allows developers to smoothly migrate the development process to Kato without modifying the code and development habits.

Does it Support Secondary Development?

Open source Kato supports secondary development, but it needs to comply the with MIT License. Developer Documentation

What is the Difference Between Open Source and Enterprise?

  • In terms of concept, the open source version emphasizes that users can use it for themselves, and Gridworkz only provides community support.
  • For the enterprise version, Gridworkz is responsible for the technical implementation, emphasizing out-of-the-box use, and through value-added services such as knowledge transfer, so that users have the ability to master the platform and related technologies.
  • Functionally, the open source version supports the use of enterprise-level development and production environments.
  • The Enterprise Edition provides additional management interfaces that are more conducive to operation and use, such as resource management background, saas application market and other solutions to help enterprises implement related technologies faster.
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Enterprise Service Quotation?

Gridworkz Cloud Services provides product buyout or subscription + service buyout or subscription, as well as value-added services such as custom development and technical consulting. The final project quotation will be adjusted based on the basic quotation according to the value-added projects. The overall estimated price of the project is comprehensively judged based on the number of developers, the number of delivery customers, and the size of the delivery cluster. For details, post to the community.