Community Sharing Activity Record

Kato Community Sharing Instructions

Community Sharing Time Description

(Every biweekly) TBA (regular)

(Single week) TBA (flexible arrangement, advance notice)

Sharing Method Description

We mainly use our Slack group for sharing and discussion. Participants and organizers can have conversations with microphones. Participants are asked to enter the Kato Community Discussion group in advance.

Sharing Content Includes

  • Recent changes to the features of Kato products
  • Community user’s demand proposal
  • Best practices for Kato products
  • Kato’s use case

Share (meeting) Preview and Record


Meeting Date

Sharing topic: Interpretation of recent project planning and progress && unified management of the practice of application environment configuration

Main content:

  1. Interpretation of Kato 5.3.0 application configuration group function, unified management of application configuration
  2. Interpretation of multi-version and multi-environment configuration group practice
  3. Interpretation of reference and transfer usage of environment configuration

Meeting Date

Sharing topic: Upgrade from Kato 5.3-release to 5.3.1

Meeting Date

Sharing topic: Realize all-round monitoring of business based on Kato 5.3.0.

Main content:

  1. Interpretation of Kato 5.3.0 custom business monitoring function
  2. Realize the demonstration and interpretation of JVM monitoring
  3. Demonstration and interpretation of MySQL / YugabyteDB monitoring
  4. Obtain application full access monitoring data for visualization.
  5. Explore community user suggestions.

Meeting Date

Shared by: Gdevs

Sharing topics: Kato 5.3.0 architecture changes and cluster installation related design and usage.

Main content:

  1. Interpret the background and technical ideas of Kato 5.3.0’s improvement in installation and cluster management.
  2. Demonstrate and explain two ways to install from the host and from Alibaba Cloud ACK and AWS.
  3. Explore community user suggestions.