Katofile Source Code Definition

Katofile Introduction

katofile is Kato’s strategy for specifying service operating environment based on code. It is a text file in a common yaml format and needs to be placed in the root directory of the code. It is suitable for all types of services built on source code. Currently katofile supports defining four items of environment variable port persistent storage start command. In the process of creating components, Kato will automatically set the content defined in the identification to the service properties, which can be checked in the Kato console.

The complete use case is as follows:

language: Java-maven
buildpath: target/
 - port: 8080
   protocol: http
  #If you need to open multiple ports, continue to add ports and specify the protocol
 - port: 5000
   protocol: tcp
# Applicable to Dockerfile, NetCore source code types
cmd: java -jar xxxx.jar

Katofile Action

Source code definition environment is the service management strategy recommended by Kato. Through the definition of katofile, it is convenient to add service attributes such as environment variables in batches, and subsequent versions will gradually add configurable attributes.

Description of Supported Configuration Items

  • language source type
  • ports service port list
  • envs service environment variable list
  • Useful when the main directory of the buildpath service is not in the current directory, specify the address of the secondary directory
  • cmd specifies the service operation mode, applicable to Dockerfile, NetCore source code types, and other languages ​​specify the operation mode through Procfile