Application Delivery from App Market

Application Delivery

Online Delivery Using Public Cloud Market

For users in the online environment, you can directly use the Gridworkz public cloud market for business delivery and publish the business system to the Gridworkz public cloud market. Users can directly download the one-click installation of the entire business system in the public cloud market.

The private internal market is built into the Kato platform, and the public application market is currently provided by Gridworkz Technology; the public cloud market serves the interconnected private application market, providing cross-platform and cross-cloud application resource synchronization and upgrade.

Version Management

Applications in the application market support the coexistence of multiple versions, and the operation granularity of the application is supported to the version level.

Application Export

In order to allow users to better manage their applications and deliver services quickly and easily, we have designed the application import and export function for the platform, which allows users to package the internal market applications into a compressed file with a few simple clicks , And can be downloaded locally. When exporting, two formats are supported, one is kato-app format and the other is docker-compose format.

Select the application version you want to export, and then you can start exporting. The export time is determined according to the network situation.

Application Import

Considering the application delivery in the offline environment, Kato design realizes the offline import and export functions of the application. Complex business systems can be quickly delivered in different environments with the help of network or offline application packages, and the installation speed and ease of use far exceed traditional delivery. In addition to the standard Kato application model, it also supports exporting the docker-compose model for easy delivery away from the Kato platform.

Application import process
Application template import interface

Click the Upload button to select the application template to be imported. After uploading, the uploaded application will be displayed in the uploaded file list. After checking, you can choose to import the team or enterprise according to your needs, and click Confirm import , That is, enter the application template import process. Please wait patiently on this page until it prompts that the import is successful. The specific speed is determined by the network speed.

After the import is successful, it will automatically jump to the imported application template interface. When creating the component, select Create from App Market to install the component with one click