Synchronization of Shared Library Applications

This article mainly introduces the way to add application component resources of Kato shared library

Development and Creation

Reference document application management, sharing management

Cloud Synchronization

Application download synchronization is a cross-platform application delivery method in the Internet environment, through which you can quickly obtain excellent and mature general solutions, such as database solutions such as Mysql and TiDB, and IT tools such as Gitlab and Jenkins. You can also deliver commercial business systems to your users in this way. Currently Kato provides interconnection use cases with Gridworkz Cloud Market by default.

For users, a complete business system can be installed and deployed with one click through the shared library, and can be continuously upgraded.

Enterprises can also establish industry public application markets. For details, please refer to Gridworkz Enterprise Services

The following uses a database as an example to demonstrate the entire process of cloud synchronization

In the enterprise view, click the Cloud Sync button on the shared library, and you can see the applications of the Gridworkz public cloud market

Click the Download button

The database application has been synchronized to the internal market with one click. When using it, select Create component from shared library to install the component with one click