Application Market Function Description

Enterprise Middle Office Application Market

This article explains the concept of application market to help users better understand the application market of Kato enterprise middle and Taiwan.

What is the Application Market

Application market is defined by Kato to store, share, deliver, and manage Kato applications.

The Kato application market is different from mirror repositories in the traditional sense in that it is based on storage system support such as mirror repositories, package repositories, and object storage. It defines a standard cloud-native application model that supports large-scale, distributed digital business systems. The model provides a series of business support such as creation, release, storage, delivery, installation, and upgrade. It can be used internally as a business management platform for sharing business systems and middleware created by the enterprise in a convenient and flexible way, and externally as a business management platform based on industry characteristics.

The industry talks about the basis of delivery standards, delivery processes and delivery paths. The biggest advantage of the application market is that it covers not only service components and applications (business systems), but even solutions that support one-click sharing, one-click installation and use. Great convenience for users, just install and use, covering almost all users, not just technical personnel.

Create 1-N service components to form a business system based on Kato’s various methods such as source code and mirroring. You can build an application model and publish it to the application market with one click, serving different business scenarios according to different scenario requirements and visibility levels .