Application Market Application Upgrade

Application Upgrade

For applications installed from the cloud market, if the user sharing the application has a minor version update (the component version under the application is updated), we will update your installed application in the console Reminder, if you update the internal application market application, we will remind you of the application upgrade in the application installed on the local console.

For the specific operation process, please refer to: Upgrade of Application Template

Judgment Basis (implementation principle)

When users package and share a group of applications under their tenants, we will identify each component in the group, accumulate small versions of applications, and store them in the public gridworkz cloud. When synchronizing to the internal application market, store the application data and all the component information below it in the internal application market, and judge the internal application market based on the minor version and the minor version of the application stored in the internal application market Is the application updateable? When the small version is shared, its value will be accumulated each time it is shared. When it is synchronized to the internal application market, the small version is stored in the service build source for update judgment, and the returned The fields in the application data are used to judge the unique components to prevent the relationship disorder when storing the dependencies; The basis for judging the update of the application installed from the market is to compare the component version with the component version in the service build source to determine whether the component can be updated.

The application update of the internal application market is to resynchronize the public cloud application to the internal market (that is, the data of the cloud application is updated in the internal market) The application update of the local console is to update the application data of the internal market locally and send a request to the data center to pull the latest image for deployment.

Version Definition

Application major version: A group of applications are packaged. During the sharing process, the user will manually enter a version number, which is the major version of the application that should be shared to the public cloud. The major version changes are determined by the user’s changes. Share the application, the historical version will not be overwritten when the major version is changed.

Application small version: The application that should be shared to the public gridworkz cloud will generate a small version and save it in the public gridworkz cloud. Each time the user re-shares the application, the small version will be accumulated and overwritten.

Component version: Each component of a group of applications will generate a deployment version each time it is redeployed, which is the version of the component