Enterprise Overview

Enterprise View Page

The enterprise view interface will display information such as “enterprise information, applications, teams, cluster resources” in the Kato platform, which is only visible to the enterprise administrator. Through the enterprise view, you can quickly understand the basic information of the current Kato platform.

OverviewDisplay Enterprise Information, Applications, Teams, Cluster Resources and other information
Application MarketThe application model of this enterprise is displayed. It is an application product of enterprise digital assets. It can be installed on any Kato platform or other supported cloud-native platforms in a standard way. See [application market](/docs/enterprise- manager/enterprise/appcenter/desc/)
TeamIn Kato, a team is a concept of a collection of resources, see Team Management
ClusterIn Kato Enterprise Edition and Public Cloud Edition, an enterprise can connect to multiple clusters, see Cluster Management
UserDisplay enterprise user information, delete, add, modify password, etc., see User Management
SettingsPlatform Basic Settings and Enterprise Administrator Management

Collection Function

The collection function can help you quickly enter the component management interface

The following takes the nginx component in the test application in the test team as an example to demonstrate how to quickly enter the nginx component through the collection function.

The current location is the management interface of the nginx component. Click the navigation symbol in the upper left corner to see the collection function in the menu bar, and click the + sign to add a collection.

Fill in the name and click OK to complete the collection

After the addition is complete, click the navigator in the upper left corner on any page of the kato platform to find the favorite component, and click to quickly enter the nginx component management interface.

For favorite items that are no longer needed, click the - sign behind the corresponding favorite item to delete