Team Intro and Creation Method

What is a Kato Team

The usual meaning is that an organization composed of several users is called a team. In Kato, a team is a concept of a collection of resources, which includes users, applications, plug-ins, etc. Each team can open a tenant space in one or more data centers, and a team can create and use all types of permitted computing resources in this tenant space.

Why Create a Team?

  • The purpose of the Kato platform is to use applications as the core, and applications only belong to the team.
  • Kato may need to be used by different developers and teams, operation and maintenance personnel and teams, testers and teams during enterprise use. The team concept of the Kato platform can echo the internal organizational structure of the enterprise.
  • A team opens a tenant in a data center to use resources, and only the team is created to use resources

Team Creation

New Team for Platform Administrator

After the platform administrator has registered, there are two ways to create a new team?.

  1. On the homepage of the enterprise view team module directly click on create team
  1. In the enterprise view Team Module click on Create Team

Team Rename

Rename the team in the team view Settings interface

Team Member Management

Add Team Members

In the team view settings Settings–>Members–>Add members, find the user to be added and the permissions to be granted, and confirm the addition. You must be a user who has been added to the company to join Team, add platform user reference User Management

Role Management

Please refer to Role Authority Management