Building Components with OAuth2.0 Protocol

Connect with Code Repository Through OAuth2.0 Protocol

After successfully authenticating the OAuth service of the code repository (Github, Gitlab, Gitee), we can pull the project list through the OAuth protocol

Enter the console –> Create application –> Create source code –> Select the certified code repository

Building Components

  1. On the list page, we can search by project name to quickly locate the project that needs to be built
  2. You can click on the name of the project to connect to the project in the repository for viewing project details
  3. Before creating the project, we can click on the detection language to check whether the language of the project to be built supports
  4. After clicking Build, we can select the branch or tag to be built in the project version to build.
  5. Check the automatic build, it will automatically create webhook

Component Change Source

With the components created by oauth, we can replace the specified version of the specified project of the specified repository at the build source to build

For details on building components, please refer to Application and Component Creation