Oauth2.0 Integrated Function Description

To help users use the product more conveniently, we implement the following functions based on the OAuth2.0 protocol.

Third-party User Authentication

Based on the OAuth protocol, users can achieve one-click login through third-party platforms (Github, Gitlab, Gitee) by configuring the OAuth service to increase user experience

Code Repository Docking

General Scenarios

In the scenario of building components from source code, the user needs to configure the project path and account password to create it, and the user also needs to set up a webhook by themselves, which is cumbersome to use; and the account password is easy to leak.

After Using Oauth

In version 5.1.9, we realized the docking of source code build repository based on OAuth protocol. Users only need to register the client in their own code repository, and configure the OAuth service on this platform, they can quickly select the project version in their own repository to build, automatically set up webhook, the whole process does not require account password, manual operation, greatly Improve safety, usability, and convenience.