User and Administrator Registration

Function Description

If you use the kato platform for the first time, you must first register an account to facilitate your access to the kato application control platform. In the Kato platform, users are only used as identifiers for operating identities, and they do not have the ownership of resources. Kato’s services, applications, gateway strategies, plug-ins and other resources only belong to the team, and users can only get the right to operate from the team. Each user can join multiple teams, and the team administrator needs to review when actively joining the team.

Platform Administrator Registration

After the installation of Kato is complete, the first user registered by Kato is the (platform) enterprise administrator. He has the permissions of the administrator and can set up and manage some basic functions of the platform. At the same time, he has the right to manage the team. Registered users are ordinary users, and enterprise administrator users can view the resource information of all teams under the current enterprise.

  • In the enterprise version, the enterprise administrator can log in to the management background
  • In the enterprise version, more enterprise administrator users can be added through the management background

Add Enterprise Administrator

(Platform) The enterprise administrator can add existing users as enterprise administrators in the enterprise view settings interface enterprise administrator management

Ordinary User Registration

When the user registration function is enabled, the registration process is completed by the user, and the process is as follows:

  1. From the user login page, click register account to enter the user registration page

  2. Fill in username, email, password, verification code and other information to submit for registration

  3. Registration result feedback

  4. After success, enter the Enterprise View page, select one of the teams to join, and wait for the team administrator to review

  5. After the review, you can enter the team view to participate in the management of related applications and other resources

Reminder: Can you enter a certain team? Have operation rights for the resources owned by the team

User Registration Page Demo

Registration Result Feedback

Enterprise View Application to Join the Team

After registration, non-administrator users must join a team to enter the system; wait for the team administrator to pass the team management review in the team view.

Turn Off Registration

In order to adapt to the enterprise account management method, the administrator can turn off the user registration function through Enterprise View–>Settings, there will no longer be a Register Account button in the login interface, and the method of manually adding users is adopted.

Administrator Manually Add Users

Manually add users through the administrator, you can directly select the user’s team

In the enterprise view, click User-->Add-->Fill in user information-->OK-->Complete registration, you can use the registered new user to log in to the Kato console.

User Management

User Deletion and Password Modification

(Platform) Enterprise administrator in the enterprise view Users-->Delete to delete the corresponding user, click Users-->Edit to modify the password of ordinary users.

Integration with Third-party User Systems

Kato supports user login on third-party platforms with standard specifications such as Auth2.0, please refer to Auth2.0 related supporting documents