Application Delivery


Learn how Kato delivers applications to customers through the application market in the actual production environment if it is completely offline, and subsequent upgrades.


It’s a common situation that the final environment delivered is completely offline. In this case, how to deliver software development products is a very real and difficult problem to solve. In response to this situation, Kato’s offline delivery system can be used to deal with it.


  • In an offline production environment, install Kato offline.

  • Install Kato in the development environment for online development, and publish the developed business system as an application template. This document takes the application template released in Release the application as an application template as an example.

Export Application Template

The published application template can be directly exported into two forms of offline application packages, which can be delivered in a completely offline environment.

  • KatoApp Specification Offline application packages can be imported from other Kato platforms as application templates. Once imported, they can be deployed from the application market.

  • DockerComposeApp Specification Offline application package, which can be deployed in an offline environment with Docker Compose. This package will contain the component base image and the corresponding docker-compose.yaml file.

  • Select Export Version.
  • Click Export in KatoApp Specification, after a period of time, the export will be completed automatically.
  • Click Download to download the offline application package.

Please note that version 5.3 has adjusted the exported application package specifications, so it is not backward compatible. It can only be imported into 5.3 and later versions of the platform.

But the application package exported from version 5.2 can be imported into the 5.3 platform.

Import Application Template

The exported application template exists as an offline application package. This package can be transferred to an offline production environment using other media (CDs, mobile hard drives, etc.). Next, we need to import this package into offline Kato.

  • Go to the App Market page, click +, Import App Template.
  • Upload offline application packages.

  • Select the application template and import it.

After the above operations, the application template is imported into Kato in the offline production environment.

Next, refer to the operation of Deploy an application from the application market to install the application template into the production environment.

Application Template Upgrade in Offline Environment

If you use the Export Application Template function, and import the exported offline application package that conforms to the KatoApp specification into the offline Kato cluster. So how to apply the upgraded application template to the offline Kato cluster?

  • Export a new version of the application template, pay attention to specifying the new version.
  • Import the exported application template into the offline Kato environment.

  • For the upgrade of existing applications, please refer to Upgrade of Application Template.