Upgrade Application Template


Learn how to upgrade the application template through the documentation, and apply the upgraded content to the applications that have been installed based on the application template.


Application development is constantly iterative, and each version change requires the application template to have corresponding version control capabilities. Applications installed based on a lower version of the application template need to have the function of upgrading based on the new version of the application template.


  • Complete Release the application as an application template, and have an application copied application installed based on the sample application template.

  • Source application (the application used to publish the application template) has new changes. In this document, the service component Redis is added as an example.

Version Control of Application Templates

Republish the source application, and fill in a version number that is larger than the original version, such as 1.1. Kato distinguishes the old and new versions by comparing the version numbers.

After clicking Publish, enter the application synchronization page, and you can find the newly added Redis component in the synchronization record.

In the Release Record list, you can find the new version of the application template.

Upgrade of Existing Applications

Existing applications specifically refer to applications that are installed based on the 1.0 version of the sample application template copied applications. This application represents an existing running application installed based on a low-version application template. We need to apply the content upgraded in the new version 1.1 to the low-version application.

  • Click Upgrade in the left column of the Replicated Application Topology Page to enter the Upgrade Management page, where you can specify Current version and Upgradable version.
  • Click Upgrade on the upgrade management page. Enter the upgrade details page, Kato will automatically compare the version differences and display them.
  • Continue to click Upgrade, Upgrade Complete to complete the entire upgrade process.


Starting from the next task, we will begin to explore some high-end usage scenarios.