Offline Linux Install


Installation Steps

Configure Keyless Login

$IP is for all node addresses including itself, enter yes and root password as prompted.

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048 -N '' -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa
ssh-copy-id $IP

Download the Installation Package

  1. Get offline packages in a networked environment
  1. Unzip to the /etc/ansible directory of the node to be installed
mkdir /etc/ansible && tar xvf Kato-5.2.2-release-offline.tgz -C /etc/ansible
  1. Verify the integrity of the installation package
cd /etc/ansible/tools && ./easzup -D

Start Installation

  1. Use the default configuration to install and minimize the Kato cluster
./easzup -S && docker exec -it kubeasz easzctl start-aio
  1. After the execution is complete, the following prompt appears:
[INFO] save context: aio
[INFO] save aio roles configration
[INFO] save aio ansible hosts
[INFO] save aio kubeconfig
[INFO] save aio kube-proxy.kubeconfig
[INFO] save aio certs
[INFO] Action successed : start-aio
[INFO] Visit http://$IP:30008 to view the installation progress
  1. Follow the prompts to visit the corresponding address http://$IP:30008 to check the installation progress of the Kato platform:

The above page shows that the installation is complete. Click Access Address to register and start using Kato.