Kato Cloud

Kato Cloud is a SaaS-based online service platform for Kato products, operated by Gridworkz Cloud Services. Kato Cloud can be considered as a hosting service for Kato clusters. It relies on the computing resources of IaaS vendors. For example, users purchase Alibaba Cloud’s managed Kubernetes cluster and connect to Kato Cloud through APIs. Kato Cloud manages the user’s Kubernetes cluster and provides it to users. Multi-cloud application management experience. Kato Cloud has the following advantages:

  • Complete Kato function, continuous product iteration and upgrade, demand does not wait
  • Multi-cloud resource management. The resources of IaaS vendors such as Alibaba Cloud, AWS, and Huawei Cloud are hosted in Kato Cloud. You only need to manage the application. The application can be backed up and migrated transparently on the multi-cloud without being bound by the IaaS vendor
  • Convenient cloud resource docking, it only takes 30 minutes to complete the cluster from planning to commissioning
  • The service is safe and reliable, and all user codes, applications, data, and traffic are controlled by the users themselves. Kato Cloud is only a management and scheduling service, even if Kato Cloud fails, it will not affect user business
  • Help users realize processes and experiences such as cloud-native DevOps, enterprise middle office, and enterprise application delivery
  • SLA guarantee for complete peace of mind

Kato Cloud Suitability

  • Those who need a more functional experience, such as multi-cluster management, reliable SLA guarantee, etc.
  • Users who plan to move their business to the cloud, minus the trouble of learning the complex concepts of Kubernetes and the construction of a public cloud cluster environment, directly leap over to the cloud native application management model.
  • B2B software companies that are transforming. Are you transforming from the past high-cost software delivery model to a convenient and SaaS-based service delivery model? The comprehensive application delivery capability of Kato Cloud can help you quickly establish a cloud-native application delivery form.

The Development Direction

  1. The whole process ecology of application development and delivery. App store business will be launched soon to support B2B enterprises to quickly establish an automated software sales and delivery system.
  2. With the application as the center, it provides a one-stop “automated multi-cloud resource integrated management platform”, currently mainly integrating computing and storage resources of various cloud vendors. Next, combine various resources of the application operation and maintenance system, such as automatic certificate issuance, CDN acceleration, databases, big data analysis services, and so on.

The architecture model of Kato Cloud is as follows:

Every enterprise user who accesses Kato Cloud needs to access their own Kubernetes cluster. Of course, we recommend directly using the Kubernetes cluster provided by major public cloud vendors, such as Alibaba Cloud ACK. Users can also build their own Kubernetes clusters in other ways, such as clusters created and managed by Rancher. In the process of connecting the Kubernetes cluster to the Kato Cloud, we will deploy the Kato Region service in the Kubernetes cluster, thereby exposing the standard and secure Kato Region API for the cloud Cloud service to call.

Therefore, to start experiencing Kato Cloud services, users need to go through the following steps:

1) Register Business and Account

Establish a unique platform access domain name for your company, and isolate all users of platform services to ensure safety.

2) Docking your Public Cloud Resources

The Cloud service provides you with the experience process of easily installing Kubernetes clusters and initializing Kato Region based on major cloud vendors, simplifying user operations as much as possible and getting started quickly. If the resources you need to dock cannot use the convenient process, you can manually install Kato Region to do the docking. After the docking is complete, you can have your own application scheduling cluster resources.

3) Start the Kato Journey

It is completely free for users to start using Kato Cloud. When your scaling gradually expands, which means that Kato brings real value to your business, you need to purchase more Kato Cloud service licenses. For details, see Price Description


Why does Kato Cloud only support Alibaba Cloud ACK Docking

This question is the same as mentioned above. First of all, Kato Cloud can connect to various Kubernetes clusters, including clusters provided by various cloud vendors and your own Kubernetes clusters. However, we recommend using, for example, Alibaba Cloud ACK managed clusters to avoid users from the trouble of maintaining Kubernetes clusters. At present, the product also provides a convenient docking process based on Alibaba Cloud to help users purchase and set up related cloud resources. Next, we will gradually support AWS, Huawei Cloud and other vendors.

Kato Cloud’s Revenue Model

Kato Cloud is completely free for users who use resources within 30GB, and there is no limit to the amount of resources that can be connected. This authorized space is enough to support users to build their first set of business production environments. If you need more than 30GB of scheduling memory, the current purchase price is $49/GB/month, and the annual package will have more discounts.

Kato Cloud vs Kato Open Source

Kato Cloud is a SaaS-based online service platform for Kato products. Kato Cloud is a superset of Kato’s open source system, with better experience, faster iteration and better production stability.

Can Kato Cloud be Private?

Yes, Kato has an Enterprise private cloud version, which has been implemented in dozens of industries such as transportation, energy, universities, civil aviation, military, government, etc. If you need a complete privatization solution, please contact sales.

I have already understood the model and value of Kato Cloud, Start

I still have questions, please contact Slack for consult on products, solutions, and get technical support. After you register, our online service team will also get in touch with you as soon as possible to answer your questions.