Release Cycle

Version Number Specification

Version format: ABC

A: Indicates the major version number. Generally, when the software is rewritten as a whole, the underlying components are upgraded (Docker, Kubernetes) or changes that are not backward compatible, add A

B: Indicates that the function is updated, and B is added when a new function appears

C: Indicates minor changes, such as fixing bugs, add C as long as there are changes

Example version: 3.6.1 Indicates that the sixth feature update version of the third major version, and a version of the bug fix was carried out in this feature update version.

Version Update Cycle

Version TypeUpdate CycleDescription
A: Major version number6~12 monthsRefactored version, upgraded the underlying key components, backward incompatible
B: Feature update version1~3 monthsFeature update
C: Bug fix1~2 weeksBug or security patch

Current Version and Description

Version NumberDescription
5.3.XLatest Release version