This document defines the roadmap for Kato development. This document may not be updated in time, please follow the latest plan at Github

The latest version: 5.3.1

V5.3 Version Planning


  • Added support component business-level monitoring visualization
    • Component custom monitoring endpoint, supporting Prometheus specification.
    • The component supports the installation of plug-ins to provide monitoring endpoints, such as Mysql, Redis, JVM, etc.
  • Component custom business monitoring visualization view.
  • The component supports automatic scaling based on custom business indicators.
  • The application gateway supports the session keeping load balancing algorithm.
  • The application supports switching service management modes.
    • Built-in ServiceMesh mode
    • Kubernetes native mode
    • Istio mode
  • Support installation of Helm application
  • Application model is compatible with OAM model
    • The application supports the release of OAM models to the component market
  • Support to expand custom component types based on Operator.
    • Built-in support for RDS cloud database component types.

V5.2 Version Planning


  • The component persistent storage type supports extensions based on Kubernetes StorageClass.
    • Support Ceph-RBD block storage
    • Support GlusterFS independent file system storage
    • Support Alibaba Cloud NAS independent storage and block devices
  • Kubernetes default support version upgrade to Kubernetes 1.16
  • The data center supports docking with installed Kubernetes clusters
  • Application console view adjustment, support enterprise view, team view, application view and custom favorite view.
  • Application gateway supports upstream dynamic update under TCP no reload mechanism.
  • Added enterprise middle and Taiwan component library and service library management
    • Newly added component library application information compilation and application classification.
    • Added enterprise service management function, enterprise dimension visualization of business status.
    • Support selecting target applications when the application is released.
    • Application publishing supports publishing as a service.

V5.1 Version Planning


  • Added automatic disk cleaning function for management node (cache mirror, cache data, etc.)
  • Added automatic scaling of component instances (based on memory and CPU)
  • Added OAuth2.0 (Github, Gitlab, Code Cloud) user system docking
  • Added code repository docking function (Github, Gitlab, Code Cloud)
  • Added Mysql database monitoring and Kubernetes monitoring data collection
  • Added tenant deletion function, which automatically cleans up data after tenant deletion
  • Support batch creation of components from JavaMaven multi-module source code
  • The support service is based on the complete upgrade of the application market application
  • The support service is based on the complete rollback of the application market after the application upgrade
  • Support application complete upgrade based on application market application
  • Support complete service life operation and attribute change operation recording and tracking
  • Support the visual display and detailed query of service running instance information
Application Runtime
  • Support third-party component management integration
    • Support internal service ServiceMesh architecture integration
    • Support gateway integration
    • Support discovery of third-party components based on Etcd
    • Support health check and status maintenance of third-party components
  • ServiceMesh support for Envoy XDS specification
  • Support the control of component batch startup sequence when component batch operation

Application Gateway

  • Support real-time monitoring data of the access status of exposed domain names and components
  • Support advanced configuration parameters of access strategy (timeout time, upload limit, etc.)
  • Support multi-IP management function, TCP protocol supports selection of different IP addresses

UI Console

  • Revised the team overview to support more visualization of monitoring data
  • Support the parameter setting of various languages
  • Support cross-version application upgrades from the application market
  • Support re-detection of component build source

Source Code Construction

  • Support NodeJS front-end project source code construction
  • Add support for Nginx for static language types
  • Support UI settings of compilation parameters for each language

Installation & Basic Environment

  • The default installed Docker version is upgraded to 18.06.3-ce
  • Support specifying an NFS Server address during installation