Locating a Problem

How to Locate the Problem

We can divide the use of Kato into several stages, and distribute the problems encountered by users in stages.

Installation Error

At this stage, the user is installing a Kato cluster. You may get an error while executing the following command:

./grctl init ···


grctl node add ···


grctl node install ···

In this case, please refer to Installation troubleshooting

Once the installation process is completed normally without any errors, it will proceed to the next stage.

Cluster Status Confirmation

After the installation is complete, use the command grctl cluster to confirm the cluster status.

Any red font found in the returned result list, please refer to Cluster Troubleshooting

If the cluster status is confirmed to be normal, then enter the next stage.

Component Build Problem Troubleshooting

When we confirm that the cluster is running normally, then we should enter the stage of building our own components. If you encounter any errors during the build process, please refer to Component Build Troubleshooting.

Once the operation log in the overview page of the built components shows Build is complete, proceed to the next stage.

Troubleshoot Component Operation Issues

When the operation log of a component shows build completed, but the component running status shows running abnormally or some instances running abnormally. Please refer to Component Run Troubleshooting.

Troubleshoot Console Issues

When an operation is performed on the console, but the operation fails and a request error is displayed. Please refer to Console troubleshooting.