Add Service Components

Add Service Component Description

An application is composed of one or more service components. Generally, the application is created in the process of creating the first service component. In the subsequent application assembly process, directly adding components to the application will be the most convenient way. There are two types of adding service components:

Add Built-in Components

The process of adding components is exactly the same as the component creation process, and it also supports three methods based on source code, Docker image and cloud market application. The only difference is that it does not provide a way to create multiple services based on DockerCompose.

Add Third-party Components

Add Third Party Components It is convenient to add services running outside the kato cluster, and it also supports adding static and dynamic components.

Handling Dependencies

The added components generally need to be depended on by their component services or depend on other components. You only need to enter the Edit Mode, you can quickly establish dependencies by connecting the service directly one-way.

Regarding why you need to establish a dependency, check the document Communication between components

Open Internet Access

If the added component needs to be accessed by the external network, there are several ways after it is successfully added. The first one is to establish a connection between the external network cloud model and the component through the editing mode of the topology diagram; the second is through the component Management interface port to add access policy.