Application Topology Diagram

Display Mode

The topology diagram graphically displays the real-time status of all service components of the application. It will display information in the following dimensions:

Component Network Topology Relationship

The figure can clearly show the direct network calling relationship of the components and the open status of the public network, and the communication status can be easily found in combination with the traffic status.

Component Overall Business Dependency

The connections between the components in the figure represent the business dependencies of the components, allowing users to know the business relationships of complex business systems at a glance.

Component Flow Tracking Status

Each line in the topology diagram will display the throughput and response time of each communication link in real time after the performance analysis plug-in is opened. In the future, the error rate and distributed tracking will be displayed in the link.

Component Operating Status

Components display component status in color, and the corresponding relationship is as follows:

ColorNot Built/Not Started
Black/GrayNot Built/Not Started
Light GreenUpgrading

If the hexagon of the component is superimposed, it indicates that multiple instances of the component are running.

Edit Mode

Editing the topology diagram currently supports: service component connection establishment or cancellation of dependencies, opening or closing of service component external ports, convenient and quick;

Delete Action

Click on the connection line and press the delete key to quickly delete component dependencies and close all external ports of the service component, which is convenient and quick;

Increase Action

Click on the starting point and focus and drag it to the end point to establish a dependency between the two components or open external network access.