Component Life Cycle

This article explains the attributes and terms related to the application, so that you can understand the concept of the application more clearly.

Service Component Status

Once a service component is created, it enters the life cycle of the service component. There will be a series of states throughout the life cycle, and each state is explained below. Most states have a preset timeout period. Regardless of whether it has timed out or not, after 3 minutes, all life cycle operations can be performed on the service component again::

CreatingThe newly created service component is in the setting stage.
Under constructionThe newly created service component is set up, and the first service component version is being built. The source code build timeout is 1 hour, and the Dockerfile build timeout is 30 minutes. Timeout does not mean that the build fails, please refer to the build log to understand the current progress.
SchedulingOnce the service component is built, it will enter the scheduling state, and the instance color is yellow. In this process, K8s allocates the host computer to schedule the instance. If it remains in this state for a long time, it may be because there is no host node that can run the component.
StartingThe service component is starting, Instance color is yellow. Temporarily unable to access, the startup is divided into two stages, process startup and business startup. If the health check at startup is not configured, the startup is considered successful as long as the process is started. The startup timeout period is 40 seconds * the number of instances. Start timeout does not mean start failure
Waiting to startThe waiting start state and the starting state will not appear at the same time. Once it enters the waiting start state, the example color is yellow. It means that other service components that the current service component depends on have not been started. It is necessary to wait for the startup of other dependent service components before the current service component enters the starting state.
RunningAll running instances of the service component are in running state, the instance color is green. Normally, running service components can be accessed, or the application may not be able to access temporarily due to slow business startup
Abnormal operationIf the number of instances of the service component running normally is less than the total number of instances, it indicates that the application is running abnormally. The color of the abnormal instance is red. For multi-instance service components, the abnormal service component can provide services as long as there are normal instances.
In most cases, the instance is abnormal because the service component itself exits abnormally or OOM exits due to insufficient memory.
The platform will automatically try to restart the abnormal instance.
You can view more application information by viewing service component logs or through command line tools
UpgradingThe service component is in the rolling update process, and the example color is yellow. Service components with multiple nodes in the current state can be accessed normally. The upgrade timeout period is 3 minutes * the number of instances. Upgrade timeout does not mean the upgrade failed
ClosedThe service component has stopped running, and the persistent data still exists. The shutdown timeout period is 40 seconds * the number of instances. If you have been in the closed state for a long time, the instance color is black, please contact your operation and maintenance colleagues.
UnknownThe color of the instance is light blue. The service component may be in this state due to network blockage, failure to obtain the service component status, or abnormal back-end service
You can try to refresh the page, if you can’t solve it, please contact the operation and maintenance colleagues.

App Version

For different types of applications, the version markings are also different:

Application TypeVersion InformationExample
Source code constructionPull the timestamp of the code construction application from the code repository20180803171811
Docker imageMirror tag information1.15.2-alpine
Gridworkz Cloud ApplicationApplication Version5.6.7