Component Plugin Management

Component Plugin

The component activation plug-in is an extension of the component management function, please refer to the document concept-plugin for the definition of the plug-in

Only the plug-ins installed under the current team can be activated by the component, so the plug-in usage process is:

  • Add or install plugins in the team plugin management (installing an application from the application market will automatically add the plugins to the team)
  • Self-developed plug-in needs to build and set configuration items
  • Enter the component management-plugin page, select the required plugin to activate
  • Set the memory allocation of the plugin
  • Enter the plug-in configuration and make a reasonable configuration according to your needs

Currently Kato provides plug-ins for network management and performance analysis by default. Kato provides two plug-in reference documents by default:

1. Performance analysis plug-in

2. Network management plug-in

Generally, components cannot install duplicate plug-ins of the same type.

Plug-in Properties Configuration

The configuration of the plug-in is dynamically rendered according to the configuration item definition of the plug-in. For example, a configuration item depends on the component port, then each port of the component in the configuration panel can define the value of the configuration item.

Detailed instructions refer to: plugin configuration item description