Team View Overview

The team view clearly displays the application information owned by the current team. Through the team view, you can quickly enter the application management interface and perform operations such as build, delete, add and other components in the application.

Team View Page

Display itemExplanation
Number of applicationsTotal number of applications owned by the current team
Number of componentsThe number of in-app components under the current team, including third-party components
Gateway strategyExternal access gateway strategy applied under the current team
Memory usedThe amount of memory used by all application components running under the current team
Use DiskThe current team uses local storage for application components, and the size of the persistent data in shared storage
Application templatesThe number of application templates under the current team


Display all the application information and the number of components under the current team, application backup records, application release record.

The size of requests for external access domain names of applications under the current team, sorted from largest to smallest

The most popular access components in all apps under the current team show the components that receive more requests under the current team.

Other Operations of the Team View

Application Component Creation

Members and Role Management

Permission Management

Application Gateway Management

Plugin Management