Application Performance Analysis

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How the Performance Analysis Plugin Works

The performance analysis plug-in is to run in the same network space as the target analysis service and monitor the network card traffic to statistically analyze the working performance of the service. This is a bypass mechanism that has no special impact on the workflow and performance of the service itself. Collect network packets from the TCP layer of the network, and analyze different protocol request and response messages by implementing decoders of different protocols.

How to obtain the network card traffic of the container where the service is located

The performance analysis service is installed as a plug-in by the Kato service. According to Kato’s definition of plug-in support, the plug-in and the main business service run in the same network space, so the container network card devices where they are located can be considered the same device.

How to perform protocol analysis

The obtained traffic packets exist in the form of packets,

Plug-in Configuration Items