Application Console HA Deployment

Our suggestion to you is to log in to the platform after the platform is built, build the rbd-app-ui service inside the platform, and connect to a third-party database; it not only increases the flexibility of the application console Web service, facilitates monitoring, and ensures High availability of application console web service.

# app-ui component will generate a large number of connections with the database, in order to avoid database blocking, it is recommended to optimize the external database
[root@mysql ~]# vim /etc/my.cnf
max_connect_errors = 2000
# View external database information on the first management node
[root@manage01 ~]# vim /opt/kato/conf/ui.yaml
start: >-
    docker run --name rbd-app-ui
    --network host
    -e MANAGE_SECRET_KEY=eihi5Ijaiv4oL6jeecohfuDeeShideim
    -e MYSQL_HOST= #External database host IP
    -e MYSQL_PORT=3306 #Database port
    -e MYSQL_USER=root #database user name
    -e MYSQL_PASS=** #Database password
    -e MYSQL_DB=console #Database library name
    -v /opt/kato/.init:/initdata
    -v /grdata/services/console:/app/ui/data
    -v /opt/kato/etc/rbd-api:/etc/gridworkz #ssl file
    -v /opt/kato/logs/rbd-app-ui:/app/logs #Log
    -i gridworkz/rbd-app-ui:v5.1.6-release

Create App-UI Application

Check the current app-ui mirror address in the first management node, and use this mirror address as the build source

docker ps |grep rbd-app-ui

Add third-party services to connect to external databases

Add data center variables, connect to Mysql information

Add Mysql port so that it can provide services internally

Add dependency on data center

View connection information

Add port (7070) to app-ui service, open external access

Elastic scaling of the number of instances, memory configuration, and high availability of the application console

Mount Storage

#Check the service information to know the directory where the pod is located, copy the file to the directory where the pod is located
cp -a /grdata/services/console/  /grdata/tenant/7b0e4bed6a1f4b9498fdf48abcd18612/service/a8b6048dbb985348186ed1b4a874e7ea/

#Copy ssl file
cp -a /opt/kato/etc/rbd-api/ /grdata/tenant/7b0e4bed6a1f4b9498fdf48abcd18612/service/a8b6048dbb985348186ed1b4a874e7ea/

For more platform service creation methods, please refer to User Manual