kubelet Component

Operation Mode

Through binary operation, this component is an agent program running on each cluster node, which ensures that the container in the Pod is running.

Common parameter description

--config Kubelet will load its initial configuration from this file. The path can be an absolute path or a relative path; the relative path starts from the current working directory of Kubelet. Omit this flag to use the built-in default configuration value. Command line flags override the configuration in this file.
--cni-bin-dir CNI plugin binary file directory full path
--cni-conf-dir The full path of the directory of the CNI configuration file
--hostname-override If non-empty, this string will be used as the identifier instead of the actual hostname
--kubeconfig The path of the kubeconfig file, which specifies how to connect to the API server
--network-plugin The name of the network plugin called by various events in the kubelet/pod life cycle
--root-dir kubelet file directory path
--v=2 The number of the log level details

For specific parameters, please execute kubelet -h to obtain or refer to Kubernetes official documentation