rbd-hub Component

Operation Mode

Runs inside the Kubernetes cluster, POD runs, and is jointly maintained and managed by Kubernetes and Kato-Operator

Common parameter description

rbd-hub is based on the registry image. For detailed parameters, please refer to Docker Registry official documentation

Push the image to the cluster private image repository

Perform the following operations on any node in the cluster

First get the relevant information of the private mirror repository

$ kubectl get katocluster -n rbd-system -o yaml|grep  -A 3 imageHub
      domain: gridworkz
      password: 2118317a
      username: admin

Log in to the private mirror repository

$ docker login gridworkz -uadmin -p2118317a

Modify the name of the image that needs to be pushed to gridworkz/***, and directly perform the push operation

Take pushing the nginx image as an example

# Modify the image name
docker tag nginx gridworkz/nginx:v1
# push mirror
docker push  gridworkz/nginx:v1