rbd-node Component

Operation Mode

Runs inside the Kubernetes cluster, POD runs, is maintained and managed by Kubernetes and Kato-Operator, and runs on each node

Modify the Docker directory to collect logs

By default, logs are collected from /var/lib/docker. If you change the default storage directory, you need to modify the rbd-node component.

Execute the following commands:

kubectl edit -n rbd-system rbdcomponents.kato.io rbd-node

Add the following content under spec:, where path and mountPath fill in the actual docker directory

  - hostPath:
      path: /var/lib/docker
      type: DirectoryOrCreate
    name: docker
  - mountPath: /home/docker
    name: docker

Common parameter description

Only list the common startup parameters, other unlisted parameters can be defaulted

    ---log-level log level, default info
    ---etcd etcd address, default []
    ---hostIP current node ip, get eth0 ip if not specified
    ---run-mode node attribute, the default is manage
    ---noderule node attribute, the default is compute 
    ---nodeid The unique ID of this node, just specify, don’t modify
    ---image-repo-host mirror repository host
    ---hostsfile /etc/hosts maps the path in the container