rbd-repo Component

Operation Mode

Runs inside the Kubernetes cluster, POD runs, and is jointly maintained and managed by Kubernetes and Kato-Operator

Java program, it is recommended to configure from 2 core 4G, it takes up more resources at startup.

Common parameter description

Based on Artifactory OSS package, please refer to Artifactory official document

Open repo component management page

  1. Create a service configuration file
cat >repo-web.yaml <<EOF
kind: Service 
apiVersion: v1
  name: repo-web
  namespace: rbd-system
  type: ClusterIP
    belongTo: kato-operator
    creator: Kato
    name: rbd-repo
  - name: repo-web
    protocol: TCP
    port: 8081
    targetPort: 8081
  sessionAffinity: None
  1. Create service resource
kubectl apply -f repo-web.yaml
  1. View service ip
kubectl get service -n rbd-system |grep repo-web
  1. Create a third-party service on the platform

  2. Open the external port of the third-party service

  3. Visit and log in to rbd-repo, username is admin, password is password

  4. For the multi-instance repo service, when configuring the parameters, please ensure that each instance has completed the same configuration, otherwise the instance without corresponding configuration may be used when building the source code, causing the build to fail

Close the repo component

For some users who do not need source code to build, or disable the repo service during the build, you can close the component to release a large amount of resource usage through the following operations

kubectl delete -n rbd-system rbdcomponents.kato.io rbd-repo