Email Alarm


This article mainly introduces how to configure Alertmanager to send messages to email alerts.

For cluster monitoring and alarm deployment, please refer to Cluster Monitoring and Alarm Deployment


  • Users who use email alarms need to have sending email and receiving email account information;


  1. You need to modify the Alertmanager configuration file, click Edit in Environment Configuration –> Configuration File Configuration
  1. The following is the template file, after the modification is completed, you can overwrite the original configuration file and update the component.
 resolve_timeout: 5m
 # Mailbox smtp server proxy
 smtp_smarthost: ''
 # Send mailbox name
 smtp_from: '' 
 # Mailbox name
 smtp_auth_username: ''
 # Email password or authorization code
 smtp_auth_password: 'XXXXXXXX'
 smtp_require_tls: false
 group_by: ['alertname']
 group_wait: 20s
 group_interval: 5m
 repeat_interval: 5m
 receiver: 'webhook'
- name: 'webhook'
   # Email configuration for receiving alerts
  - to: ''
   # Subject of incoming mail
    headers: {Subject: "[WARN] Kato alarm email"}

This completes the deployment of email alarms.