Company Slack Alarm


This article mainly introduces how to configure Alertmanager to send messages to enterprise WeChat.

For cluster monitoring and alarm deployment, please refer to Cluster Monitoring and Alarm Deployment


  • Users who use corporate Slack alarms need to have the corporate Slack robot WebHook address, and receive alarm information through Webhook. Please refer to the official document );


  1. Edit the Alertmanager configuration file, click Edit in Environment Configuration -> Configuration File Configuration
  1. The following is the template file, after the modification is completed, you can overwrite the original configuration file and update the component.

url does not need to be modified, other content should be modified as needed

  resolve_timeout: 5m
  receiver: webhook
  group_wait: 30s
  group_interval: 5m
  repeat_interval: 5m
  group_by: [alertname]
  - receiver: webhook
    group_wait: 10s
- name: webhook
  - url:
    send_resolved: true
  1. Obtain the corporate Slack Webhook address

  2. After obtaining the corporate WeChat Webhook address, manually modify the Webhook address of the Wechat component

Modify the Slack_WebHook_URL variable value in the Slack component page -> environment configuration, and the update will take effect after the modification is completed.

This completes the deployment of enterprise Slack alarms.