Docking with External NFS Storage

Install NFS-Client via Kubernetes

Through the content of this article, explain to users how to connect to external NFS storage through Kubernetes and provide highly available storage for Kato


For NFS shared storage, Kato’s requirements are as follows:

Install NFS-Client

  • Add Kato chart repository and synchronize
 helm repo add kato
 helm repo update
  • Write the parameter configuration file nfs-client.yaml
    server: your-nfs-server #nfs server address
    path: /ifs/kubernetes #nfs server path
    mountOptions: #Add parameters
  • Deploy NFS-Client
  helm install nfs-client-provisioner kato / nfs-client-provisioner \
  -f nfs-client.yaml \
  --version 1.2.8

Complete the installation of NFS-Client and proceed to Kato High Availability Installation.