A Cloud-native Application Management Platform

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Project Features


Developers only need to develop, operate and manage applications (components) that meet the 12 elements, without having to face complex underlying resources, including Kubernetes resources.

Cloud-native application delivery ⚡️

Provides a complete cloud-native application assembly and multi-cloud distribution process, covering scenarios such as test delivery, production operation and maintenance delivery, and B2B product delivery.

Developer friendly

The platform supports a variety of simple ways to continuously build cloud-native applications. Developers can get the best cloud-native experience without learning Kubernetes, microservice knowledge, or advanced operation and maintenance knowledge.

Kubernetes multi-cloud docking

Kubernetes is about to become a cloud-native infrastructure. Kato supports the docking and management of multiple Kubernetes clusters, provides an application operating environment, shields the technical complexity of Kubernetes, and empowers infrastructure management.

Open source

Kato is a complete open source enterprise-level platform.

Delivery-oriented application architecture

The application is decoupled from the operating environment, and the service governance structure is decoupled from the business logic, so that the application naturally has the ability to manage microservices without binding resources.